Saturday, May 02, 2009




I have had this bet in mind for a month or so and am pleased that my beloved Brentford come here with the Championship already won. The Bees have nothing to play for, as you might expect there were a lot of celebrations after last week's game, although that should not be a factor seven days later. However, they will come in a party mood, just to enjoy the day and I do not think that they will be overly concerened with the result. The club has also been involved in a lot of wheeling and dealing this week, trying to secure players, many of whom were on loan, to contracts or deals for next season. What I am trying to say is that, the actual result of this match, will be second to everything else that is taking place this week.

This will be Luton's last game in the Football league and they will be keen to go out with a bang, in front of a big crowd. There was talk of a big protest and quite possibly crowd trouble at this game, with visiting fans still furious at the 30 point deduction they suffered this season, which virtually condemned them to releagtion, before a ball was kicked. I am not sure that will happen and there will be a huge police presence to try and ensure that it doesn't, but there is also a history of bad feeling between the two sets of supporters. All in all, this is a game that will be played in something of a surreal atmosphere, with one set of players looking to celebrate and the other, not only looking to end on a high, but some to secure their future in the game.

Under the circumstances, I have to take a little on the visitors at a price which cannot last until the weekend (IT HAS !).

4 points Luton Town to win 4.50 .... a little 5.0 still on offer.

Good Luck.

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