Sunday, May 10, 2009



Gills went to the first leg looking for the draw and were very unadventurous, creating almost nothing offensively. They got the 0-0 draw they came for, but will have to open more today and eventually look for a goal. This will suit Dale, who are ideally suited to playing on the counter attack, they had much the better of the league game here and are confident that they can make the most of the greater space that is likely to be available. I think Gillingham missed a chance in the first game, they were facing a side a little metally fragile, but by giving them so much of the ball, enabled Rochdale to restore much of their belief. This could be a long day for both, but i will take the visitors getting a start.

6 points Rochdale +1/4 ball 1.91 asian line.

Good Luck.

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