Thursday, May 07, 2009


Amazing scenes at Stamford Bridge last night, when Andres Iniesta's late late goal, sent Barcelona to the Champions League final. The Catalan Giants had not created a chance worthy of the name before then and reduced to ten men, they seemed little danger to a Chelsea- Manchester United re-match of last year's final. But Iniesta and, Blues fans will argue, also referee Tom Henning Ovrebro had other ideas, the Norwegian official refused to give at least three "good" penalty appeals to Chelsea, any one of which would have given them a two goal lead and had their accountants trying to book cheap flights to Rome !

Ovrebro was clearly not up to the task and made a number of wrong decisions, not all in Barce's favour, many Chelsea players, especially Didier Drogba and Michael Ballack lost it at the final whistle and doubtless they can expect further punishment from UEFA. However, Michel Platini got the Barce-Man U final he so craved, make of that what you will .

UEFA had to move Ovrebro out of his hotel, probably fearing a late night visit from Drogba in his flip flops !

Lionel Messi takes most of the headlines, but Iniesta has been sensational this season and was the best player on the pitch last night, it was fitting I suppose that he scored the decisive goal, but that is of scant consolation to supporters or backers of Chelsea.

Good Luck.

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