Friday, May 08, 2009

FRIDAY UPDATE ...........

I really enjoyed the Hamburg-Bremen game last night and not just because of the result, two very commited teams battling it out toe to toe, provided huge entertainment. They must be getting a little sick of the sight of each and meet again in the Bundesliga on Sunday, their fourth meeting in just 18 days !

Lots of footballers looking for jobs this morning, many clubs have released players this week, my own beloved Brentford have unloaded nine players and that, from a title winning side. It is a tough business, with little room for sentiment and is the other side of the coin from supporters arguing that players show too little loyalty nowadays, it is a two way street and a very short career. Fans have to remember that for 90% of players, it is just a job, they do not love the club like we do.
I have a great deal of sympathy for Jim Gannon, who was made redundant by Stockport County yesterday, as a cost cutting exercise. He very recently turned down the Brighton job and almost certainly a lot more money and is now unemployed, wonder if he will be so loyal next time !

Just started writing my match previews for Saturday, where I have five selections and Sunday looks set to be even busier. I sent subscribers to the newsletter service my views on three matches today and posted one of these to everyone registered on the website , along with a very special offer, which several of you have already accepted.

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