Sunday, May 17, 2009




Regular readers of the email will know that I am quite a fan of Albion and the way that they play the game. If they are to go down, as seems likely, they will go down fighting and a win today would actually give them a chance, putting them level on 34 points with Newcastle, ahead of a last day trip to a now safe Blackburn Rovers. They seem sure to go for it, what else can they do and at least meet a Liverpool side who cannot now win the EPL title.

This match is going to be end to end entertainment and should make for great television viewing. Visitors to the Hawthorns have seen a league high 57 goals this season and only the Gunners have scored more road goals than Liverpool. This could end up with any number of goals, but I am confident that we will see at least three and am happy to take over that number, seeing little downside.

The visitors have scored 13 on their last three trips here and three in the reverse fixture, Albion were not on the scoresheet in any of those, but I cannot see that happening today. Conditions are likely to be slick, with plenty of rain failing in the UK this morning, but because of the nature of this game, I do not see that making too much difference.

6.5 points "over" 3 goals 2.16 asian line.

Good Luck.

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