Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sheriff won 3-1 yesterday after drifting badly (or nicely) through most of the day, money normally talks in asia but sometimes, these line movements are hard to comprehend.

Fulham put five answered goals past Brentford, which is very hard to write, but to be honest, defeat was on the cards as soon as I saw the starting line ups. The EPL side fielded a very strong eleven, whilst the Bees threw all their new signings together, four of the back five had hardly met, let alone played together, some experienced pros were left on the bench and a couple of trialists took part. There was only going to be one winner, it was men against boys and it didn't help that the home keeper had a bit of a stinker on his debut. Brentford were never at the races and the early quote after 10-15 minutes in asia of 2.0 about a Fulham win was a gift.

Anyway, I would not read too much into this result, Brentford will improve, several new signings are still set to be made and players will get a chance to gel in the coming weeks. Their fitness levels look very good, they were all monitored for body fat levels throughout the summer break and did a lot of running work last week in Portugal, this will all stand them in good stead, but they now need some game time. Hard to know what to make of Fulham, they looked good, but are unlikely to have an easier match all season . Having said that, it is difficult to see them being dragged into a relegation scrap even without Woy !

Good Luck.

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doelyn said...

Congratz... Thanks... :) Agree with you on the starting 11 fielded by Fulham yesterday... It's totally like complete EPL team 2009/2010... Eventhough without Manager, they are still organized...