Friday, July 09, 2010

FRIDAY ......

I have two bets today, both "maximum" stakes and whilst I am unable to post either on the blog, have sent them by email to some readers that have contacted me recently.

I will definitely be posting a couple of previews on here tomorrow, so please check back then.

Good Luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Can you please tell me what should I do in order to be included on your mailing list?
I follow your blog for quite some time now, is actually my only outside source of inspiration when I choose my bets so I will really appreciate it if you can add me to your mailing list.


The Natural said...

Hi Adrian,

I don't have a mailing list really, but sometimes, when there are selections that I do not want to post on an open forum like the blog, I send them to some of the readers that have written to me at some time during the previous month. It is my normal practice to rotate these, so that everyone gets something once per month or possibly more frequently, but of course, that makes it pot luck about whether you get a "winner" a not, but most also carry some information worth following for the future, which is why they are not posted on the blog.... they are selections I want to follow up.

If you would like to send a one line email to ...... I will make sure you get something in the future.

Good Luck.