Wednesday, July 07, 2010


After an exciting weekend, I was very close to a massive priced winner on sunday, this week has been low profile, with just two positions so far, a nice winner in Ireland on monday and an interest in the top goalscorer market at the World Cup.

This is what I wrote overnight on monday......

However, the Golden Boot market interests me, as I think the quotes for David Villa are too short.

Two games to play for Villa, Sneijder, Klose and Forlan, with Mueller and Suarez looking at a single start due to suspension.

We have seen how effective Germany have been in stifling any offensive threat and will doubtless be out to cut off the supply to Villa, he looked far less potent against Paraguay and if there is no Torres, it might be easier to take care of him, either way, he is probably going to need another goal to take this title on his own.

Klose gets chances in every game and even if he comes up short in the semi and Germany miss out on the final, I suspect his team mates will be looking to set him up in the 3rd and 4th place game, with not just this trophy, but WC scoring records on the line.

It could be a similar story for either Sneijder or Forlan, one of whom will be going to that game for sure, however, I much prefer Klose of the three.

LAY 3.42 units Villa to win Golden Boot exchanges........... we are risking 2 units a double staked bet ** @ 1.71

bet 1 units Klose @ 4.90 + exchanges..... I have seen 5.0 elsewhere.

After goals for Forlan and Sneijder last night, Villa is now trading at close to evens, so it is possible to trade out of that main bet for a profit already,so, too late to get involved now, but Klose is still a similar quote and I feel he is worth a little interest at anything above 4.50 .

I actually feel the game is very close tonight, Germany have looked the best team in the competition by far, but will miss Muller and whilst we have not seen the best of Spain yet, it is hard to get away from the feeling that they will have more to offer this evening. However, I have no desire to rush to oppose the germans and will leave the match for now, but might get involved "in running".

Only a month until the new domestic season starts and we already have a number of pre season friendlies scheduled for this weekend. Long time readers of the blog will know that this is a market I have milked in previous years and I am certain that we will be able to find a number of winners in the coming weeks and I will do my best to post what I can on here.

Enjoy the game tonight and good luck !

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