Saturday, July 24, 2010


Coventry won 2-0, the second goal didn't come until injury time, although the Sky Blues were worthy winners and had hit the woodwork and had a goal disallowed in a scoreless first half . Two things about the game, it was a far more upbeat performance from Walsall, so maybe we will not jump to any conclusions about them just yet and Carsley did not take part which was a surprise. When I wrote the preview last night he was a "definite" starter, still, everything else was pretty much spot on and it was more of an anti Walsall bet than anything else in any case.

Mark Cavendish also won yesterday and could have taken the stage with Beth Ditto riding crossbar, with or without her cycling shorts. Pretty certain he will win again tomorrow, but the odds do not appeal in the slightest, so , maybe next year MC !

Good Luck.


Jay said...

Once again a nice pick and even nicer photo, lol.

Keep up the great work! It's much appreciated.

- Jay

doelyn said...

Two weeks in a row... JackpoT... Congratz n Thanksssssssssss!!! Keep on rolling... :)