Saturday, November 24, 2012


I have previewed five matches today and John has posted one of them in full on the GOWI Facebook page, I have given you the "head up" about the post today, but if you do want to see all the free previews, you will have to check out the social network pages on a regular basis.

I am strong on three of these selections and all the previews are good, they are always good !

My time on Blogger is coming to an end , less than six weeks to go now and it makes me feel a little sad just thinking about it. Close to seven years on here, well over 4,000 posts, a couple of million words, some gibberish, a bit of wisdom, a million + hits, a few misses !

The new website will give us so many more options, that the decision to move is a "no brainer", but that doesn't make leaving any easier !  Anyway, hopefully I can see out the rest of 2012 with some of my best previews on here and Facebook, so check them out !

Good Luck.


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