Thursday, November 29, 2012


I swerved the maximum stake bet today, that had more to do with limits than anything else, but have put up three selections at odds of 2.06, 2.07 and 4.0, the last two of which are for the weekend and ranked "very strong" (1.75 units), the other is for this evening.

Thank you for the big response to yesterday's post (see below) and please,still feel free to email me on , if you are interested in the email service. If not, there will be two emails on each of the next three days for subscribers, which is probably circa 15 previews, so we will probably be able to post one or two either here on the blog, or on the social media pages, but to get to see the full picture, you really need to subscribe and at less than two euros per email, the cost is hardly prohibitive.

This week there will be 11 emails sent to subscribers, the Watford notes two posts down, are just one of  what is likely to be 30 event/ match previews. Not all are that long, but each is a full preview and if you think that there is something of interest in that post, multiply that by 20-30 and then by 182 days, that is what you get for a six month subscription........ even more if you are very quick.

Good Luck.

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