Wednesday, November 28, 2012


If any of you took that 12.0 for Watford to be promoted yesterday, you will have been pleased with the 4-1 win at Sheffield Wednesday and they are already down to circa 9.0.

Not a hugely interesting day today IMO, I have previewed two matches for subscribers, but the real fun this week starts with tomorrow's email. When I am planning to have four selections, two ranked very strong and possibly including just the fourth maximum stake bet of 2012. These are not "bankers" by any means ( I NEVER use that word), but they do fulfill all my criteria ,the other three all won at odds of 2.0 + and I am loathe to mess up that record !

I will have at least two emails for subscribers each day for the rest of the week ( Fri-Sun) and ten emails every seven days is now pretty much the norm and means the service offers even better value for money, if that were possible !

If any of you have ever seriously considered signing up to the email service ( full details are on this link), then now is a very good time to take the plunge. Send me an email at , I will send details and do my best to make it as pain free, although not totally cost free, as possible.

Good Luck.


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