Sunday, November 04, 2012


Small profit yesterday, way off the mark with two matches, but to be honest, today is the big day of the week for me. I have already sent subscribers previews of six football matches, one each from Italy, Spain and the EPL and in the follow up email, two from Brazil, where we remain in incredible form this season and another from the MLS playoffs. Two "strong" selections in that second email. I will also be sending subscribers my NFL notes later this afternoon, that is a lot of value for their 2-3 euros per day ! Seriously ..... I am a fool to myself !

If you are interested in getting the full email service notes every day, there is some infornation at the foot of the Ligue 2 post below and details of how everything works on this LINK.

If you are just happy with the odd free preview that is fine and I am sure that either John on the social media pages or myself on here,will post something later today, but remember, you are only getting to see a very small part of a much bigger picture.

Good Luck.


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