Thursday, April 05, 2007


I am leaving the tennis for today, got some negative news for BOTH players in the match I was interested in.

Good Friday tomorrow, I will post all my selections before noon, as I am sure that you all have better things to do.

Taking Bayer tonight, this is more of an anti Osasuna bet, the goals have dried up for the Spanish side and they will be without 6 players. In addition I think they have EIGHT players on one card, so in danger of missing the second leg.

They are slipping back down La Liga and visit Real Madrid at the weekend, their priorities have to lie elsewhere.

Leverkusen have turned their season around big time and look very motivated in this competition. They will be looking for a lead to take with them to Spain.

4 points Bayer Leverkusen -1/2 ball asian line 1.92. lost 3-0 -4 pts

Good Luck.

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