Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Unfortunately, not seven winners this time, but goals for Manchester United, in an astonishing win over Roma. Three in 8 first half minutes, effectively broke the spirit of the Italians and it was plain sailing from then on.

With Liverpool ( baring a miracle) and Chelsea set to meet in one semi-final and Manchester United awaiting Milan or Bayern in the other, there is a very real prospect, of an all English final. The logistics of hosting say a Liverpool-United final in Athens, given that the two sides hate each other, must be giving the authorities nightmares already.

As I discussed in the post below, both CL matches produced late goals and there was money to be earned by backing Chelsea, who looked the only likely winner, late in the game. Keep this in mind if watching tonight's ties.

In addition to the football, I will be taking a look at the Family Circle Cup Tennis in Charleston, where we have the chance to recover some money we "loaned" last week.

Please check back later.

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