Saturday, July 28, 2007


Some sites have listed the first match as Bohemians Prague, I can absolutely assure you that it is Bohemians of the Eircom League Ireland, despite the fact that they played a league game last night.

This is the first match of a mini Irish tour for Sunderland and they are very motivated to do well. The coach, Roy Keane and owner, Niall Quinn and his consortium are all Irish, as are six of the players, all of whom have travelled. They have taken a VERY strong squad, including all six new signings. The Irish contingent will be keen to do well, especially Quinn, who is giving a series of talks to local businessmen, on the tour.

Bohemians will have fielded their strongest team last night, an away derby game in Dublin, which they lost 1-0. They will either have a "B" side out tonight, or some tired legs.

6 points Sunderland -1.5 goals 2.25 Blue Square// 2.15 + asian line.

Good luck.

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