Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Unlike yesterday, where teams were looking to finish first or third in their group, the prized position today is second. Which will earn a position in the top half of the draw, thereby avoiding Argentina, at least until the final.

Chile need a point to progress, Mexico will rest several players, Chile can only "pass" Mexico at the top by winning by 3 clear goals, they will be mindful of that and try to avoid it.

I see this game with two possible results a draw ,or a Chile win, so with the level ball option a nice bet.

If they win, I suspect Brazil will take it very easy in the second match. Feel that this handicap is too big anyway, Ecuador are unlucky to still be pointless and will fight to take something from the game. Going to back this anyway, but if Chile win the first and you are still awake, I suggest you increase the bet.

5 points CHILE level ball 1.94 asian line.
4 points ECUADOR +1.5 goals 1.74 asian line

Good Luck.

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