Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I found an internet link to listen to the Brentford game and was in two minds whether or not to listen to it. As a supporter, I want them to do well, but had put up Reading as a selection.

However, when the Bees equalised, curiosity got the better of me, as I made connection the first thing I heard was how well Brentford were playing, the next was 1-2, followed very quickly by 1-3 and then 1-4 .... game over, final score 1-6. Therefore, I do not know what to make of the Bees performance, except that it seems like another very long season.

Team news in these friendlies is so absolutely vital and just like last season, I expect to milk these in the build up to the new football season.

The only two email selections that were not on the blog today,both won .....

4 points Wigan -1/2 ball 1.83

5 points Bayern Munich -1/4 ball 1.73

Good Night !

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