Saturday, July 07, 2007



Well, with a pretty nice weather forcast for this afternoon, we look set to finish the Singles events on schedule, something that looked very unlikely two days ago. It is hard to see beyond a Federer-Nadal final, in a series that looks set to run and run, but how will they get there ?

Richard Gasquet is finally fulfilling his huge potential and is capable of taking a set from Fedex. The world number one has been done few favours, by playing just once in a week ! That is not ideal and he was clearly a little rusty yesterday, do not think the conditions will be as tough today, but there might still be a few gusts of wind, which made serving so difficult yesterday. The Frenchman might have got the monkey off his back with that big win over Roddick and although it is easier said than done, he has no need to feel nervous this afternoon. If he just relaxes and plays his natural game, he could push Federer, at least into a 4th set.

Djokovic has played 9 hours over the last two rounds and is also carrying a few injuries, the last thing he really needs is to meet the fittest man on tour. I can only see a big win for Rafa and suggest you take him on the handicap, he looked awesome yesterday. All credit to the Serb who never gives up, but this is one match too far. Having said that, the Spaniard is very short and I feel the best way to play this is the"under" games. H2h is 4-1 to Rafa, most have been on clay, but the loser has never taken a set, if that makes sense. Even if this goes to a 4th set, it could still be under the quote.

2 points Federer to win 3-1 sets 4.0 general
4 points Nadal- Djokovic under 39.5 games 2.02 Pinnacle

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