Friday, July 20, 2007


The South-East of England has woken up to monsoon like conditions, with large areas flooded within minutes. I have a VERY strong selection for a match taking place in the UK today, but will have to check a last minute local forecast before putting it online.

Starting with yesterday's early morning game at theU20 World Cup in Canada, email subscribers have received 7 selections, all of which have won ....

Czech Republic U20 1/4 ball 2.06 4 points WON

Reading -3/4 ball 1.85 4.5 points WON

KJ Choi 1.714 5 points WON

Carl Pettersson 2.05 4.5 points WON

Wigan -3/4 ball 1.95 5.5 points WON

Partick +1/2 ball 1.92 4 points WON

Argentina U20 1.82 4 points WON

So, almost 27 points profit in just 24 hours.

Four of these were given on the blog, details of the email service can be found on this link.

Good Luck.

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