Friday, December 07, 2007


I want to post something on the blog today, but my main fancies have, as usual , come in for significant support. Think I will put two of them online as they appeared in the email, along with the current quote and you can decide how much value remains and whether or not, to get involved.


We have two quality Division 1 sides meeting here and it should be close. The hosts have lost just once in 16 starts and, as it seems I say every week, that came against Leeds United, in a match that B&H dominated. Their coach, the younger of the Wilkins clan, is very astute and thorough and takes few , if any, short cuts. He completely changed the shape and formation of the team, for the midweek trip to Doncaster, in order to compete with Rovers slick passing style and at the lower levels, not many coaches would consider doing that for one game. To my mind there are 6-7 English coaches in the Championship and below , who deserve a chance at a higher level, if they were, perhaps there would be more names in the hat for the NT job, but the whole game is racked with fear and no one wants to take a chance. As it is, give Jose the job, it will certainly be fun and he will keep the FA and the players on their toes.

Forest are very tight at the back and concede few goals, just 10 in 17 starts, a league low , only Carlisle and Leeds are also under 16. However, they are accused to being too negative and with the players that they have available, that is probably justified.

Not many teams are going to come away from the south coast with maximum points and I do not see that changing just because big name Forest are in town. Brighton are looking for the win to take them up to 5th place in the table and have more than held their own in recent starts with Doncaster, Swansea and Leeds, who I place on a very similar level to tonight's opponents. Going to take a saver on the 0-0 draw, as I feel goals will be at a premium.

We have had a lot of rain in the UK along with some high winds, however the sun is shining now and the forecast for the next 24 hours or so, is not too bad, but for sunday, it is scarey, so check an updated forecast, before placing any bets then.

6 points Brighton level 2.08 asian line ..... now 1.96
1 point 0-0 draw 9.0 general , 9.5 VC Bet, bigger on the exchanges.

Back later.

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