Sunday, December 30, 2007

NFL ....


Forget the standings and the divisional rivalry, this is important to only one team, the Redskins.

Dallas have already secured their place in the post season and will rest all their key players, including Terrell Owens, who "owned" the reverse fixture with 173 yards and 4 touchdowns in a 28-23 win. Quarterback Tony Romo is likely to see very limited action.

Washington will be in the playoffs with a win, they are asked to give up a tough looking 9 points, but when these two met in identical circumstances a decade ago, they won by 27, I know that is a long time ago, but these scenarios do not come along too often. As discussed last week, it is hard to play at half pace in the NFL, Dallas will take no chances, the Redskins will win, the only question ,is whether they will cover the spread and I am confident that they will.

5 points Washington -9 points 1.971 Pinnacle/ Vegas.

Good Luck.

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