Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have previewed four matches on the email service today and am planning to cover two of them on the blog this afternoon, so please check back.

Brentford have hit a rich vein of form, after knocking 3 past Wrexham at the weekend, they scored 13 or 14, watchers lost count, against the might of their own supporters last night. For the bargain price of £200, you could pull on the famous red and white stripes ( fans were, quite rightly, the home team ) and run out on the hallowed turf of Griffin Park and attempt to kick lumps out of your heroes !Ten or maybe twelve years ago, I would definitely have been up for this, but then I would have had all the hassle of them bugging me to sign a professional contract, so all in all, it is probably best to have missed the opportunity.

Most of the home team were decent sunday footballers and all were impressed by the speed and quality of the pros, which is quite funny, as they are probably the same people that have been booing them off the pitch for the last 18 months ! Us football fans are a funny bunch, especially the 18 stone + lumps who spend the whole afternoon singing "you fat b****** " at a 12 stone professional athlete, without the slightest embarassment !

Seriously, all clubs should play the fans once per year, I know about the injury/insurance problems, but to be honest, most supporters would be too slow to catch a cold, let alone a professional footballer . It is a fantastic way to bond with the players and the other way round,plus supporters get to realise that the guy they have been giving stick to for being slow/ useless/ not trying, is not so bad after all. The players will hopefully realise how lucky they are, to get well paid (in some cases) for something, others would pay their own money to do. Manchester United could probably charge £50k per fan and still play infront of 75,000 !

Back later.

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