Monday, December 31, 2007


I know I said that the result of the Washington Redskins game wasn't overly important, but it was, as the final selection of the year and the 20th of the holiday period, it rounded things off nicely and they were very easy winners .Here are the most recent blog selections .......

30/12 5 points Washington -9 points 1.971 Pinnacle/ Vegas. WON
Derby-Blackburn 6 points "over" 2.25 goals 1.78 asian line. WON
29/12 5 points Doncaster -1/2 ball 1.98 asian line. WON
4.5 points Swansea -1/2 ball 2.50 general quote. WON
Wigan-Aston Villa 6 points "over" 2.25 goals 1.84 asian line. WON
6 points Stevenage -1/2 ball 1.85 general quote. WON
27/12 6 points "over" 2.5 goals 1.63 exchanges. Ajax-Twente WON
26/12 6 points Crystal Palace +1/4 1.90 asian line. WON
6 points Stoke level ball 2.01 asian line.... now 1.92 NO BET stakes returned
6 points Tottenham -1 ball 1.76 asian line..... NOW -1.25 BALL 1.91 WON
23/12 6 points New York Giants 1.787 money line Pinnacle/ Vegas. WON
5 points Napoli -1/4 ball 1.82 asian line. LOST
6 points Reggina -1/4 ball 1.99 asian line. WON
22/12 6 points QPR -1/4 ball 1.80 asian line.... now 1.75 WON
6 points Blackpool -1/4 ball 2.20 asian line.... now 2.07 WON
5 points Southampton -1/2 ball 1.96 asian line..... now 1.86 LOST
21/12 6 points Northampton-Bournemouth "over" 2.25 goals 1.83 asian line. WON
19/12 6.5 points Inter -1/2 ball 1.74 asian line.... now trading at -3/4 1.81 WON
5.5 points Deportivo +3/4 ball 1.95 asian line. WON
5.5 points Valencia -3/4 ball 1.88 asian line.... now trading at 1.81 WON
5 points Panionios -3/4 ball 1.82 asian line. LOST

There it is in black and white (blue,green and red too), in the last 12 days of 2007, 21 bets have been posted on the blog, one was a no bet, three lost and 17 won ,including the last 10 ! That is an 85% strike rate, with circa 75 points profit, over what many people consider to be the toughest betting period of the year ! An average of over 6 points profit each and every day, even on the days when there were no matches !

Hard to believe, but email subscribers have done even better over this period.

I am going to be posting much less on the blog in the future, there will still be something most days for a while, but the bulk will be moved to a new url, with the blog eventually fully incorporated, this site will still have free to view content, just less than now.

I value you all as readers, so want to be able to offer something that is available to everybody. I know that the hard sell of the email service irritates some of you, but it is a fantastic product and unfortunately for some, that is where most of my output will be in the future. Some services charge thousands of dollars, mine is around $20 per week, gives analysis, is delivered on good time and on a daily basis. If you find anything better on the whole internet, let me know and I will sign up immediately. Don't waste your time looking, there isn't one, certainly not at similar rates.

All of you long term readers of the blog, have been given the opportunity to sign up for the service, at greatly reduced terms and those that did, were then given the option to extend at similar rates. So I feel that as much as possible as been done, to get you on board, the GOWI email service is now close to 90% fully subscribed at current levels, once reached, new subscibers will only be accepted at a premium/extended level.

That is it, I do not want to finish the year with a sales pitch, so will put one finally post for 2007 online shortly, as always, you can find details of the email service on , or you are welcome to email me, with any questions.

Good Luck.

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