Sunday, December 23, 2007

NFL WEEK 16 ..........


It is not so easy to take things easy in certain sports, you might lack a little in motivation, yet put in a half hearted challenge in the NFL and you can get seriously injured. Having said that, at this time of year, when teams are tired and beat up, I would always want to be with the team that have the incentive to win.

Despite a 7-7 record, Buffalo know that even two wins in their remaining games, will not be enough to take them into the post season. On a cold, wet and windy night in upstate New York, the extra motivation might have warmed them a little and it will be hard for thought's not to turn to the off season and some rest and relaxation.

They were kept scoreless at a snowbound Cleveland last week and points have been at a premium all season. The Bills have scored 17 or fewer, in 5 of their last 6, have only three times scored over 20 points, with the two of those games that they won, coming against teams with a combined total of just 6 wins and have on 8 occasions, been kept to 14 points or less. Their total of 222 points , is very low and only Atlanta (3-11), Kansas (4-10) and the 49ers (4-10) have managed fewer.

Giants need a win to secure a play off place, if they do not get it, they will go to the final match of the season needing a win, or require help elsewhere to extend their campaign. It could boil down to the latter, as their final match is against the Patriots, who, if the beat Miami (1-13) today, will go to New York looking to record the first perfect season in 36 years of football ! They will want to take care of business tonight and might be happier to do it on the road, where they are 6-1, having won their last six, since an opening defeat. Giants will be without Jeremy Shockey, which is a loss, but he will be able to dedicate himself to his, normally, part time job, that of cheerleader and general "winder up" of fan's of both teams. The others, some of whom, along with the coach, are said to be playing for their jobs next season, will have to pick up the slack.

Unusually for teams from the same state, this will be the first meeting between these two in 8 years and the Giants should take a low scoring encounter.

6 points New York Giants 1.787 money line Pinnacle/ Vegas.

Good Luck.

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