Sunday, December 16, 2007

NFL WEEK 15 ..........



All the talk coming into this weekend has been of the weather, with three games predicted to be badly hit with snow and the bookmakers have been busy, closing up the lines, especially the totals.

I am paricularly interested in one of these, the "Spygate" rematch between the Patriots and the Jets, unbeaten New England, were originally posted as 24.5 point favourites, they are now trading at 21. That might seem like a high total with much of game likely to be played on the ground, but these are conditions that the Pats are very used to and actually the forecast is now, not so bad for the Foxboro area, although there could be some gusty winds.

This is an exceptional team and they have been so dominant this season, that I just get the feeling that it now takes some extra motivation to get them really up for a game, like playing the Steelers last week. Given the real bad feeling that has developed between these two,due to "Spygate" ( not going into details, just do a web search), this is probably just such a game. Really think that they would like to "stick" it to the Jets and do not see them easing up, whatever the score or conditions. New York are poor on the road and against the Patriots full stop, their quarterback, Kellen Clemens has thrown twice as many interceptions (more) than touchdowns since coming into the side and could be in for a very tough evening.

Big matchup in New York where the Giants, who have all but clinched a wildcard spot, host the Redskins, who still have playoff hopes of their own, but have to win tonight. With a late kick off here, conditions will not be too nice in the Big Apple either.

Giants have won 4 from 6, but their average winning margin is just 3.5 points, with the biggest winning margin 6 points. So giving up 4.5 points to a very motivated Redskins team, who got back to winning ways last week and rarely lose by more than a touchdown, is not going to be easy. Hail to the Redskins.

5.5 points Patriots -21 points 2.05 Pinnacle/ Vegas.

5.5 points Washington +4.5 points 2.04 Pinnacle/ Vegas.

Good Luck.

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