Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ALLSVENSKAN ..........

I remain in good form and was very strongly with Elfsborg last night, who beat Halmstad 6-0, of course, you only have my word for that, but I am only mentioning it because I am very keen on the Borås club to win their domestic title this season.

Actually, I wrote an extensive preview before the season started and have just wasted 20 minutes of my life looking for it ! Not going to try and recreate it now, but the gist is/was that Elfsborg impressed me greatly in pre-season and I rate them stronger than in recent seasons, when they have gone close to adding to a title last won in 2006. Improvement needed to put in a huge challenge this season was only minimal and IMO, they have made that and then some. They are almost unbeatable on the artificial surface of their impressive Borås Arena and will pick up enough points on the road to end the season as champions. I do not want to say too much more at the moment, all the pre season 5.0-5.5 has gone, but I still think there is plenty of value in the current quote of circa 4.0 and I am confident that this is a winner. Long term readers of the blog know that these are the kind of words, I rarely, if ever use.
I have bet three games today and have included very brief notes on two of them in the post below.

Good Luck.

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