Friday, March 05, 2010

FRIDAY ..............

I have not got overly involved this week so far, just the four bets, but I am 4 from 4, or three and a half to be precise, winners that is, by the way !
Played the one match so far for the weekend, which I have ranked "strong", these are rare and double stake investments for me, if possible and providing the odds hold up, I will put this online either tonight, or in the morning.

Tomorrow is the day Brentford supporters have had earmarked since the fixture lists were announced nine months ago, Leeds United at Elland Road. This is a "new" venue for Bees fans and a big day for our club. Tickets have sold well and Brentford will have the second biggest away following any team has taken to ER this season, with circa 2,500 fans making the trip. Half seem to be making a weekend of it, or arriving in the city on the first train from London, so expect some very noisy support at the stadium. Win, lose or draw, they will have a good day out .

Bees fans are always looking to do things a little differently like walking the 300 miles to Hartlepool in 2005 ( !) and plans are already underway for 150 supporters to travel to the away game with Millwall next month by boat ! As this means a 20 minute walk to the New Den from Greenland Pier and some planning to do this dressed as sailors or pirates, it is only for the brave, drunk, foolhardy, or a combination of all three !

Last word on the Bees today, midfielder David Hunt has recently started a blog, doubt that he will be giving any betting tips, but if he writes on a regular basis, it might give some kind of insight into the life of a lower league footballer. David has not started many games recently, but played a big role in last season's title winning side ( I like that phrase !)..... blog link.

Good Luck.

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