Saturday, March 13, 2010


OK, I am very short of time today, so it is not possible for me to write much on the blog. I do have four selections and think perhaps for the first time ever I will just write them without preview.

I have taken West Ham + 1.5 goals, "over" 3 in the Hull- Arsenal fixture, Bradford giving up 0.25 goal and Celtic minus 1.25. The last named is my strongest bet of the day, infact, it is my first maximum bet of 2010. What does that mean ? Obviously, I like it a lot and feel everything is right with the bet. It doesn't have to be a winner, but I am pretty confident.

This is now a very big game for Celtic and their last chance to win some silverware, they have rested for six days and meet a Kilmarnock side who by early afternoon will have played the top three sides in Scotland in less than a week. I do not feel they have the resources for that and will be further hindered by being without a couple of key players. The visitors will also be out for revenge after losing here ( for the first time since I was in short trousers) on Robbie Keane's debut and I expect them to be at their best and most committed today. No time to write more, off to Griffin Park today, for one of my all too rare visits !

Good Luck.

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