Wednesday, April 04, 2007

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Good Morning !

There are some new features on the site, first up there is a Google search box immediately to the left of this post, if you ever use that facility, it helps to keep the blog free, if you utilize the one on this page.

Secondly, immediately above the BBC news feed, is a chat box, which I added yesterday. You can use this to ask any questions, add your own tips, or just chat with other readers. I will leave it up and might even extend it, providing it is used and not abused. Of course, as usual, you are very welcome to email me about anything and I will respond asap, there might be something you do not want to post, in an open forum.

Even if you do not want to post anything, keep an eye on the box, I may use it for any one liner messages when time is short, as it is much quicker than a formal post.

Finally, for any poker players out there, even further down the page, are a short list (at present) of poker links. The aliases one is fun for any reader, who likes to watch the high stakes games online, it gives a fairly comprehensive listing of the names, that the top pros play under. The POKERSlibrary link carries videos of lots of poker tournaments, some programmes, such as the HIGH STAKES POKER series are available within hours of being shown on television in the US. Which is months before they are available elsewhere in the world.

On to today, where we have the remaining Champions League quarter-final first legs and some lesser profile football action from around the world. In addition, I will be looking into the WTA tournament from Amelia Island and later today, or early tomorrow morning, the US Masters Golf.

Please check back.

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