Saturday, April 07, 2007

SATURDAY PLANS ..............

Very poor couple of days, not too much to say really, two of my selections got hammered after concedeing EXTREMELY early goals.

Yesterday Southend went behind after 37 seconds, which obviously put them on the back foot immediately. Creteil and Derby could not hold on to leads and despite 8 break points, Safina failed to take a set, in a close battle (4-6 5-7) with Nadia Petrova.

So, things could easily have gone the other way, but that is always the case, it is a fine line between winning and losing. It will be tough to turn the week around, but if that is not possible, going to at least try to finish on a high note.

Lots to play for today and I will be back with my first selection around 11.15 cet. Hope to get everything posted by 14.30 cet today and continue with this policy over the holiday period.

Back later.

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