Tuesday, September 25, 2007



I am taking the "over" here, Wolfsburg have scored and conceded in every league start this season, with 87% producing 3+. Werder have been "over" in 5 from 6 and have also scored 2 or more, during the same sequence.

The visitors had a nice 4-1 win over Stuttgart at the weekend, with Diego, happy now with an extended contract, pulling the strings. They produced 21 attempts on goal against a normally solid defence and even had 19 in the Champions League defeat at Real Madrid last weekend.
If forced to select a winner , I would go for them, but prefer the "over" option. Wolfsburg are conceding 20 attempts per game, which is suicidal, even giving up that many and 61% possession, at home to newly promoted Karlsruhe recently and are still without central defender Costa this evening.

5.5 points "over" 2.5 goals 1.71 exchanges OR 2.75 goals 1.89 asian line.

Good Luck.

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