Sunday, September 09, 2007



Time for a close final, think that Djokovic has lost his fear of Fedex and is obviously going to take a grand slam, sometime soon. In their final in Montreal, Djoko won each of his sets on a tie break, which proved he has great nerve and that should serve him well this evening.He will take heart from Davydenko's performance against the world number one, that match was much closer than the 3-0 in sets appears and someone with a little more armoury, might have wrestled that match from Fedex. In his semi and quarter, Djoko has only given up one break point per set. This will be fun to watch !

5.5 points "over" 36.5 games 1.91 general.
1 point Federer to win 3-2 sets 8.5 general.

sorry, sets should read 3-2 , not with it today, a little sick and not happy about the Brentford match !!!!!! Thanks anon.

Good Luck.

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