Monday, September 03, 2007



Think that Peer is very comfortable on these hardcourts, as I discussed in the previous round.

Radwanska is a very promising 18 yo and I pointed out her and her sister, as players to watch out for, in the blog one year ago. She beat defending champion Maria Sharapova in the last round and now, all eyes will be on her. The wind played a big part in that game and the Russian could not handle it, or put any pressure on her young Polish opponent, when she was at her most vunerable. Radwanska admitted to getting the "shakes" when serving late in the match and all Sharapova could do was make unforced errors.

Feel that Peer will put the pressure on from the start and should know too much for Radwanska at this stage, btw, her sister is probably even better (at least potentially).... the Polish are coming !

5 points Peer 1.752 Pinnacle // Betfair.

Good Luck.

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