Friday, September 14, 2007



Two very big handicaps to cover this morning, but I feel my selections are up to the job. Argentina were hammered 11-0 by Germany, in an (obviously) terrible performance, they will be keen to bounce back, but looked out of condition and this was not a new experience for them. In 2003 they lost all 3 group matches, conceding an average of 5 goals per game, including a 6-0 defeat to Japan, at this same stage.

Japan were fortunate to get something from the match with England, but are deadly with free kicks around the area and their fitness levels were on a different plane to the south americans and that is not something that Argentina can sort out in a couple of days. Germany are next for Japan so a win today and by as many goals as possible, is their only chance to progress.

4.5 points Japan -2 balls 2.23 asian line


Nigeria got a deserved point against Sweden, but got confidence from their opponents inabilty to put away the many chances that they created early in the encounter and the woodwork helped them too.

I feel that they will be bombarded by the Korean's, who beat them 3-0 in the last WC and have developed a shoot on sight policy. They have a fine short passing game, but work on shooting from distance, something that they have perfected and which was the key to winning the U20 World Championship in Moscow. This is based on their body shape, it is better explained by their coach Kim ... who sees the ability to generate ferocious power in their shots as a function of body type and a matter of adding another dimension to the side's well-known ball movement. "Although short passing is our strong suit and something we take great pride in, shooting well from distance is a tremendous weapon," he said. "Certain cultures and body types are suited to different strengths in football. We Koreans are short and stocky, but with powerful, compact muscles in our legs. For this reason we can generate a lot of power. We will never be the best at heading but this is something we can do very well."

Anyone who watched the game against USA where they had an enormous amount of attempts on goal and time after time troubled them from distance, will understand what I mean. The Nigerian goalkeeper is in for a torrid time.

6.5 points Korea -1.5 goals 1.84 asian line

Good Luck.

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