Saturday, September 29, 2007


This is my 2000th post on the blog, I would like to have put a winner in it, but as the three selections today obliged, we will have to settle for that !

That must be way over 500,000 words, probably a lot more, if you are not doing anything this evening, maybe you could count them ! I wonder if anybody, apart from me, has read them all.

Eleven of this week's 14 selections have won on the blog, making some nice returns, the email service has done very much better.

Of course I am biased, but some of the previews this week, sent to subscribers have been excellent, win or lose and most have won, all have been pretty much on the button.

I am going to continue to blog, but 80-90% of my output is going to be solely for subscribers, which is out of line from what I originally intended, but my hand has been forced .

At the current special offer rates, for which there are only 5-6 places left, you can have the newsletter delivered directly to your computer every morning, for as little 85p per day ($1.71). If there is better value available anywhere, I would be totally amazed. You do not need to be a big punter to afford those rates amd many pay a similar price for a daily newspaper. Please email me for further details using this link.

I will definitely make a couple of posts on the blog tomorrow, including something on the NFL, which has been going well ..... knock on wood !

Good Night !

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