Friday, August 01, 2008

FRIDAY .......

Big weekend for Rafael Nadal, following Roger Federer's loss to Ivo Karlovic last night, the Spanish superstar, can officially claim the world number one crown, with a win in the Cincinnati Masters. Whether or not it happens this week, it is only a matter of time. What a year it has been for Spain !

It was made clear weeks ago, that I expected to have a very good summer and the email service has really delivered over recent weeks. I looked at three matches in the newsletter yesterday, gave two bets, both of which won and left the third up to subscribers, having given strong indication that the favourite could be opposed in that game (they lost 2-0).

So, another two winners, that's five from five in the last two days and 7 from 9 this week, we look to be heading for another winning week, which would make 13 from 16 ! Think about that for a moment, in just shy of four months , the email service has made a loss (minimal) in just three weeks !

I have had contact from two readers of the blog recently and their basic argument, was that they bet everyday and are losing, but cannot afford to join the email service. That just doesn't make sense to me. To receive the newsletter everyday costs as little as $3, anyone taking advantage of the many offers that I have made, has paid around $2, that is not a lot of money if you are gambling and many people pay more for a quality weekend newspaper.

If you are gambling, you cannot have too much information and most, if not all, you have to pay for in some way, whether it is a service like mine, or newspapers/magazines, phone calls to friends or contacts, or simply with your time, how much do you think studying online for a couple of hours actally costs you ?

The email service is now closing in on 500 points profit since late September, every single one of those emails is archived on the website, in addition to the winners given and profit generated, there is a lot of additional information and pointers that will lead you to future winners.

For example, recently, I wrote about a team in the Championship who are far ahead of their rivals in terms of fitness and are expected to make a flying start this season. They have already won a couple of friendlies at very nice odds. Yesterday, I wrote the following .....

Let me start with a few words about the Llanelli- Bristol Rovers game, which might be priced up very late in the day, by the asian bookmakers. Llanelli are a little ahead of schedule this year, having already played in Europe and this is their "big" pre season game. Rovers sent their first team up to play Rotherham last night which involved a six hour round trip and they also picked up a couple of injuries. None of those players are likley to take part and it should be very much a "b " side that plays and Paul Trollope will not want any to collect any more injuries, this close to the new season. Llanelli won 2-0

Remember, that was not a selection, so not included in any totals, but surely worth knowing !

I am still working on today's email, but will probably have three selections, it will not be possible to put any of these on the blog, so there is no need to check back today. Tomorrow, I will probably have a blog selection, or maybe even two.

Finally, several of you have asked about my long term selections for the english domestic leagues, where we had such phenomenal success last season, these will be released in the early part of next week, but will only be for subscribers, they will not be posted on the blog.

Ok, I will end the sales pitch there, if you don't get it, then you just don't get it !

Good luck with your bets today.

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