Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WEDNESDAY .............

Nigeria coasted home yesterday, as did fellow email selection Argentina. I am firmly back in form with a perfect six from six this week and a 45 point profit since Monday morning !

At the end of an, albeit, mini losing period, is the best time to join the service and I am confident that we will make excellent returns over the coming weeks.

I do not mind talking about losing runs, because they will come, despite what other services might say(!) and to be honest, a 7-10 day losing run, is nothing over the course of a year. There are almost eleven months worth of email archive on the website and we have averaged 1.4 points profit, each and every day over that very long period.

The daily newsletter can cost less than $3 per day and all selections are sent with a full preview and will arrive in your inbox by late morning (uk time). Payment can be made, by any bank or credit card and also Paypal and Moneybookers, you are welcome to email me with any questions, using the "contact us" button on the website, here is a quick link.

Good Luck with your bets today.

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