Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Going to give LA another chance, these two play at the same stadium, so no homefield advantage. Galaxy have a new coach after the departure of Ruud Gullit and General manager Alexi Lalas, has also left, so a big shake up at the club. Former star Cobi Jones has taken over and has had three days with the players, in the build up to this game. He will be looking to snap a seven game streak without a win and when asked about his expectations for tonight said:

"Realistically, I hope a victory," said Jones. "I think this team has the talent, the experience and the will to win. It's going to be about having the desire and drive. I think that's something people have said in the past -- we're missing that fire out on the pitch. Hopefully they'll be ready to go this Thursday."

Chivas are also struggling and have not posted a league win for over five weeks. Both sides are without a number of players, but Chivas, has fewer resources and are down to just 18 fit players at the club. None of the "stars" are missing for LA and they should collect the points in a series they do very well in. They have already beaten Chivas 5-2 this season, drawing the other meeting and will look for the win to boost their playoff hopes, they are currently ranked 9th, with just eight teams making the post season. I am going with the new coach factor to kick start their season.

5.5 points LA Galaxy level 2.06 asian line.

Good Luck.

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