Monday, August 18, 2008


... and as usual, it is a woman who helps him on his way, or in our/my case, 23 of them !

After a very disappointing couple of days, we have bounced back big time today, with Brazil and Jepkosgei (without Jelima) both winning easily and also, the USA Women (-1 ball 2.23) obliging for subscribers. That completes a fantastic start to the week and before 16.00 on Monday, we are already almost 27 points up on the day!

To be honest, after such an amazing sequence of winners, we were long overdue a few losers and in some ways, I am glad that they have come and hopefully gone. No one can win all the time, that is impossible, but used properly, the newsletter can supply you with consistent long term profits and a useful, additional source of income. Further details can be found on the website ....

Good Luck.

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