Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Highlight of the Olympics for me so far, has been the unbridled joy shown by the British medal winners in the swimming and cycling. My goodness, these girls are still smiling three days later, obviously I only really get to see the extended interviews with the competitors from my country, but I am sure the same is true, wherever you, or they, are from. It is a far cry from the cynical attitude we see from far too many of our sportsmen and certainly a few Premiership footballers could at least appreciate, that they are "living the dream".

Many of these spoilt superstars earn more in a month, than many dedicated athletes at the games will earn in a decade and couldn't produce, even a grin, if their life depended upon it !

I was a bit cynical in the build up to the games and some of the antics at the opening ceremony, were a bit too much, but after just a few days, we have seen the true spirit of the games, to say nothing of the beach volleyball and putting all political arguments to one side, sport is clearly the winner and my daughter is already pestering me about tickets for 2012 !

Good Luck.

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