Friday, January 04, 2008


It feels odd not blogging everyday, like I have forgotten to do something !

I had just the one selection on the email service yesterday, which won, so, be assured, I remain in unbelievable form and will be looking to extend the winning run on the blog, which stands at 11 and 18 from the last 21, over the weekend.

Quite a bit of snow around in the northern parts of the UK and it is cold, really cold ! There has been plenty of warning about this weather, so I hope that everyone has taken appropriate precautions and that the football programme will not be unduly affected.

Really looking forward to the NFL playoffs which get underway tomorrow, pretty certain to be covering these on the blog, last three american football selections have won also and in addition to a game or two, I am considering taking a position on the outright market, where there looks a little value.

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Good Luck.

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