Wednesday, January 02, 2008



Inverness are a popular choice today with many pundits, they have won 6 from 7 and look to have secured a position of mid table safety.However, they can hardly travel with too much confidence today, having never beaten the Dons in 12 meetings.

The Aberdeen treatment room is still pretty full, but they have coped with this situation for months, lost just once in 7 and have continued to compete in the SPL and Europe. A win today is absolutely vital and has been targeted as such by the club, who are still eyeing up a 3rd place finish. This is their only home SPL game in a 34 day period and they look an all round stronger side to me, I certainly do not see them losing this one. Much has been made of the fact that several players are refusing to sign contract extensions, but if you want away, the best way to attract offers, is by playing well, so I personally do not see this as a negative for the moment.

6 points Aberdeen -1/4 ball 1.86 asian line.

Good luck.

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