Sunday, January 06, 2008


I got distracted by an article in the Sunday Times ,which focused on Burnley's Ade Akinbiyi, who has played for 11 clubs, been transfered 12 times for a total of £15m + and no doubt made a fortune for his agent.

They touched on the cult of the "journeyman striker" , the players that are always in demand, seem to score goals wherever they go, but never stay anywhere too long. Akinbiyi is a prime example I guess, but his transfer fees are far in excess of the norm for this type of player.

Dean Windass is often cited as such , he has kept up a goal every 3 game average, in almost 700 matches, including two yesterday for Hull City. Still going strong at 38, he is something of an amateur in this "club", having only played for nine teams, his eleven transfers totalled under £3m.

Step forward the real leaders of this band of brothers, firstly, Steve ( have boots will travel) Claridge played for 20 clubs, across 24 seasons in the game and might not yet be finished, if someone would only call ! Next up, is the baby of the bunch, Trevor Benjamin, also on the mark, for Hereford yesterday, he might yet turn out to "the daddy", Still only 28 he has played for an amazing 16 clubs, made all the more remarkable as he spent 5 years at each of Cambridge and Leicester. He doesn't just stick to one national side either, having played for England U21 and Jamaica !

Never mind 5 volumes of Wayne Rooney's autobiography, Benjamin's would make a far better read, but then he probably has another decade and goodness knows how many more clubs to play for, before putting pen to paper on anything other than a new contract !

Back later.

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