Wednesday, January 23, 2008


In the previous post (see below), I have reproduced yesterday's email in full.

Nothing amazing results wise, two winners, one and a half stake losers, and just over 3 points profit. Just wanted to take a look at a day where, at first glance, results look average, but a closer look will show you the quality of the information. Swindon led and missed two fantastic chances to close the win as time ran out and Luton took a lead into the 90th minute, before conceding two, incredibly late, goals.

Of course, it would have been nice if all four bets had won, but in the bigger scheme of things , individual results mean very little, only a fool would fail to see the value of these selections. Luton's odds fell throughout the day and by early evening, were trading at level ball 1.86, a full quarter ball less than given to subscribers, so a profit was there before kick off, for anyone who wanted to take that option.

Do you think that $20 US per week is a lot of money to pay for the email service and such quality information ? Many subscribers have told me that it is too cheap, one or two have pleaded with me to raise the rates, feeling that it should be more exclusive.

I am not going to win all the time, that is impossible, there will be winning and losing periods, you have to take a long term approach to gambling and aim to make consistent profits.

All of you reading the blog, appreciate that I know my stuff, otherwise, you would not be reading this post. In the blog alone, over the last month I have given over 70% winners, PLUS the Ivanovic outright bet, which is detailed below . Any of you that got involved in backing her, should be feeling very happy with themselves this morning, she is in the semi-finals and you are looking at a potential MINIMUM 42 point profit.

The place part of the each way bet, which is 2 points @8.0 looks great, as Ivanovic is now 1.32 to reach the final. The win portion is also in fantastic shape and the 16.0 +, can be hedged if wanted at circa 4.0 !

The ONLY way to be sure of receiving information like this in the future, is to subscribe to the daily newsletter, it is normally delivered to your inbox at around 10am UK time and always before midday. It costs less than $3 US per day and always contains some interesting information, along with the match/competition previews, payment can be made using any bank credit / debit card, ot the Paypal facility, in sterling, dollars or euros, details can be found on . For a limited time only, payment can also be made via Moneybookers and Western Union, you can email me with any questions regarding these options.

Please be aware that membership at the standard rate is limited and already over 90% fully subscribed.

Posted on 13th January ......
I am taking a low key approach for the first day or two, smell a possible upset in the Men's event, but not sure how to approach this yet. Want to start with a small bet on Ana Ivanovic in the Women's, we have discussed her very professional and focused build up to this season already (see below) and she will be pleased with her start, reaching the semis in Sydney and taking Justin Henin to a third set.

We are already 10 points up ( email service) on the young Serbian and I am certain that she will make us a lot of money this year.

I am happy that she is on the opposite side of the draw to Henin , who still seems to be struggling with an amazing number of double faults and Serena Williams, who loves it in Melbourne. The each way bet looks very good, but if that is not available to you, a straight win bet at circa 16.0 should offer great hedging opportunities, later in the tournament.

2 points each way Ivanovic 15.0 1/2 odds two places Corals etc OR 3 points win 16.0 + Pinnacle /Exchanges.

Written on 28/12/07 (email) ......

At only just 20 years old, she is still growing (1.85m), getting physically stronger and putting in the hours required to progress. Following a short break, she spent several weeks indoor training in London, with the temperature cranked up very high and was putting in three workout sessions on some days. Ivanovic has since moved onto Australia, to fully prepare for the new season and adapt to summer conditions, after two weeks there, she should already be fully acclimatized and ready to make a flying start. We have to keep her on our side, especially early on, when few others will be so well tuned.

The last paragraph was sent to subscribers almost a month ago, they knew, long before most other sports bettors, how well conditioned Ivanovic was.

Good Luck.

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