Monday, January 21, 2008


More rain in the UK today and there are already some precautionary inspections planned for tomorrow.

The whole purpose of these, is that it stops players/supporters from making a needless journey. There was one at Accrington at 10am on saturday, when the pitch was deemed playable, no further rain fell during the day, yet the match was called off at 14.15, just 45 minutes before kick off, when 900 + Brentford supporters had already made the long trip north, how is this possible ?

Everyone who took a look at the pitch, knew that the match had to be called off, everyone that is except the local referee who held the intial inspection and the Accrington officials, who persisted in calling it playable and were seen berating the match official. Wonder if this had anything to do with the travelling support being likely to boost the average attendance by some 40% + and give the home coffers a nice little boost ?

I would not have been too happy making a 400 mile round trip under those circumstances, many of those that travelled, decided to make the most of a bad situation and took in a game anyway, the majority went to Blackburn, where they were put in a corner of the away end, along with the Boro fans, as they were wearing red shirts ! A handful went to watch Preston Grasshoppers - Harrogate, which just goes to prove what a masochistic streak most Brentford supporters have !
Back later.

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