Monday, January 07, 2008


The winning run came to an end yesterday, after 13 straight winners on the blog, Betis and Tampa Bay both lost and put in disappointing performances, which bothers me more than the bare result. Eli Manning finally got the monkey off his back, will no doubt be feeling happy with himself this morning and will be a better player for it..... doesn't help me though !

Still, 20 of the last 25 have won, so I cannot beat myself up too much. Looking ahead, this week promises much, especially tomorrow, when we have a lot of interesting matches, including the next round of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy, which I have long been waiting for and where, we have enjoyed great success this season.

Today, I wrote detailed previews of two matches on the email service, both of which are being shown live on television. How football has changed, to see not one , but two matches live on a quiet Monday, when the top 4 english divisions are not playing, would have been simply unthinkable, just a couple of years ago.

I enjoyed the FA Cup third round, this is still the premier domestic cup competition in the world and you can see how much it means to the players and especially supporters, of the lower league clubs. Sorry to bring everything back to money, but it makes the world go around, some league clubs are operating on a £1m playing budget and a potential £300k windfall from one third round cup tie is massive, you can imagine what it can do for a non league club !

Wish that all clubs would be forced to openly announce their playing budget's at the start of each season, it would be a fantastically useful tool, especially if they had to keep to it ! Never going to happen though and it would only encourage more shenanigans. In Division 2 , I understand that MK Dons budget is almost 3 times that of my beloved Bees, a quick look at the league table, will tell you that money talks, at all levels of the game.

Good Luck.

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