Sunday, September 07, 2008


Fabio Capello's brief period of grace is all but over and after failing to put Andorra to the sword yesterday. The English press are sharpening their knives and keyboard fingers, ahead of the midweek match with Croatia. Capello will realise quite why the job comes with such a huge salary, unless he returns from Zagreb with at least a point.

When he saw the Andorra line up, featuring Viera, Pujol, Xavi and Ayala, he must have started to worry, before realising that all they had in common with their famous counterparts, was a surname.

At the end of the day, England have three points, which is three more than France (3-1 losers in Austria) and Romania, who were trounced 3-0 at home by Lithuania. Italy spared their blushes with an injury time winner against Cyprus and it must be said, that the first week of September, is very early to start such an important round of matches.

I cannot believe that either Andy Murray or Rafael Nadal had the greatest night's sleep, after rain caused their semi-final at the US Open to be called off for the day, with the British player leading by two sets, with Rafa a break up in the third at 3-2. Not sure who the interuption suits the best, Murray I guess, who started the match in incredible fashion and newly bulked up scotsman, had Nadal well and truly on the ropes. However, great champions do not go down without a fight and there is plenty of life left in this one !

I have previewed six events for subscribers today, in addition to which we are heavily involved in the tennis with two outright bets, one at a huge price, still running for us. At the moment, I am planning to cover a couple of these on the blog later in the day, so please check back.

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