Sunday, September 21, 2008


I only have time to write the very briefest of notes, but am ultra keen on the Titans and am not just talking about their cheerleaders !

Texans have had a very tough time of things recently, they started poorly in their opener with Pittsburgh, where they scored only a little over 200 yards of offense and allowed their opponents to complete all but one of their attempted passes. Then Hurricane Ike took a hand and caused major disruption to practice and their second game to be postponed. So they have not played for two weeks. If that was not bad enough, a lot of players suffered damage to their property, at least one had his home destroyed and that tends to make football less important .

Titans have two nice wins under their belts, are very strong defensively and have won six straight against the Texans.

6 points Tennessee -4.5 points 1.94 Vegas line.

Good Luck.

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