Sunday, September 28, 2008


Very quickly, this is a fascinating clash between two veteran quarterbacks in Kurt Warner and Brett Favre and the ball is certain to see plenty of air time.

Briefly, I favour the Jets, this comes ahead of a bye week, which is followed by three, at least on paper, easy looking games, or as easy as it gets in the NFL. Having invested a fortune in the off season, they will be crestfallen to go into the break 1-3.

Signs are that Favre and his receivers are starting to fall in synch with each other and he threw 30/42 passes, for 271 yards and three touchdown's at San Diego on Monday.

Arizona have a dire record in the east, going 2-15 since 2003 and also losing the last four against the Jets. They have tried to do things differently this time, by staying on the East coast, after losing to Washington last week. I have heard that some of the players were unhappy about this and I am not sure that it has worked well. Either way, man for man I like the Jets and giving up just a point, I have to side with them.

6 points New York Jets -1 point 1.93 general quote.

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